Company Respons To Internship Program in Covid-19 Pandemi

Due to the Faculty Letter Number : 110/AKD11/IT-DEK/2020 regarding Further Action Covid-19 deployment toward Internship Program of School of Applied Science Telkom University. Internship Services asking for every internship students to filling Company Respons To the mentioned Faculty Letter below. Industrial services will analyze that data and will be adjusted to the further policy regarding […]

Regulation of Basic Job Training and Internship Online

Due to circular letter by Rector of Telkom University regarding Emergency Status of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) Number: 045/SKR4/REK/2020, Industrial Services makes several adjustment toward regulation of basic job training and internship for School of Applied science students of Tekom University.  ONLINE BASIC JOB TRAINING REGULATION Basic Job Training Program for Even Semester 19-20 are […]

[UPDATE] Changes of Industrial Services During Online Lecturing

By the publication of Memoradum by School Of Applied Sciences’s Dean Number : ND.37497/TELKOM UNIVERSITY–TELU/DAS-01/2020 regarding Work Form Home policy for School Applied Science employee. Industrial Services announce several changes of our services cause by those policy as follows. Industrial Services onsite services are closed, until Work From Home policy is stop by the authorities […]

Faculty Letter for Internship Student on Covid-19 Pandemi Case

According to the Rector’s Instruction Number: 042 / SKR4 / REK / 2020 Regarding Work From Home (WFH) Policy in Telkom University which opposes: President Joko Widodo’s official statement through official social media on March 17, 2020, regarding the instructions to apply social distancing. The official statement of the Minister of Education and Culture through […]


We all are know that you are worried, and asking about that circular letter, how about the internship students? moreover students who are in Jakarta or places that suspected.  For now, hereby we announce that the internship activities are adjusted to their respective companies. If the company has declared that all employees to work at […]

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